Monday, July 13, 2009

hello world.

Erin McCarthy at your service: 
  • Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'4", normal as can be.
  • Product of two very loving parents, one brother, two dogs. Product of Suburbia and all that it entails. Product of the Me Generation, and rightfully named. 
  • Caught in the messy, sticky goo that is the summer between two important chapters in my life- high school and college- and trying to figure out just about everything is all about.

The world around me is changing, and as am I, careful to put much emphasis on the three letter suffix added to the word change. In reality, it is a process, always constantly happening. However, in this particular moment in my life, I am happy to find myself witnessing the own change in my life as it occurs. I don't want to wake up one morning, look at my reflection in the mirror- hair and smeared makeup frizzy memories of the night before- and say to myself, "wow, I've changed." So instead, I find the need to record my feelings, record who I am, and be able to look back at how it all really happened.

So far this summer, I have gone through phases, beginning with my high school graduation. 

Seeing everyone that I've grown up with for the past 12 years was incredible. It's weird to think that each one of the 350 graduates of the class of 2009 at Dublin Jerome have their own stories- something I realized when the valedictorian's speech wasn't even remotely relatable to my life. "It seems like just yesterday we were pulling our first all-nighter, making hundreds of flashcards for that big exam," she said. haha, no? I can't remember EVER pulling an all nighter for an high school test let alone holding the memory of one so dear that it felt like just last night.

As the class all filed out of graduation into the arms of their loved ones, and out the doors of the Schottenstein's Center, I couldn't help but think how powerful this simple walk through the arena's arched doorway was. That was the last time us 350 kids would all be together. We were all funneling out into the world to make people of ourselves, and each with these dreams of making some sort of impact. 

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