Saturday, May 8, 2010

stream of consciousness, stream of CONSCIENCE.

you cannot sit in your white house of comfortability.
not when those who pass by don't know what you do.
you cannot sit and judge someone who "doesn't know jesus"
because clearly you must have forgotten who you are.
We all have different gifts,
and the fact that I am busy outside meeting god's beautiful children,
being a light to a dark world,
the mouth that cannot quote the words to perfection is still loved, and beautiful,
and belongs to a good person.
i have been given a gift of being able to love everyone. not those like me. those not like me. those not like you.
hide it under a bushel? no. I'm gonna let it shine.
i can no longer dwell in my fears of being judged,
at the very least,
by the ones who I thought were the judge-less.
our bodies are beautiful,
our brains our beautiful,
our inevitably different grasp of the ways of the world..why, that's beautiful too.
the ultimate beautiful.
I can no longer sit as the gossip continues,
I am a doer.
I am ready to do.
We have been assigned a position of serving those around us,
and this does not confine us to the schools of the county.
nobody said that we had a quota to meet,
that we couldn't work overtime,
that we couldn't smile at the house two doors down.
there are people starving in our own closer backyards,
and you sit on your couch and glare.
"they don't know jesus".... as if there were nothing you could do.

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  1. I love it! This is such a good reminder that I think I need every once and awhile. Seriously, I cannot get over how good this is. I wonder how often I do this without realizing just how much it hurts my own cause.