Friday, May 25, 2012


The things I overhear make me shake my head.

I'm guilty of eavesdropping. I suppose I'd actually call it guilty of, one, having ears and, two, being observant when someone happens to say something strange. It's not like I could close my ears. And I sure as hell can't turn off my brain (trust me, I've tried).

My favorite friends to hang out with (yes I have favorite friends to hang out with) are the ones that hold this skill as well, and we can spend our time overhearing odd crops of conversations together.

My friend Jamie and I play a game where we pretend to be having a conversation walking down the street, but make sure to say something loud and weird as we pass another group of friends. For example, we won't be talking about anything, but as we pass people, I'll add something like, "and so that's how I cut off the second guy's leg" or if they were walking on a certain part of the sidewalk I'd say something like, "remember when I pooped right on that storm drain cover?" right when the people walked over it. It really wasn't as funny as we thought it was.

Yesterday in Wal-Mart I overheard a guy say to his friend, "Trust me, I'm a philosophy major." Eye roll.

Friday at the park, I overheard some girl's conversation about casually sleeping with her friend's boyfriend. Open-mouthed eye roll.

What's worse is when you hear people having a discussion about something they are completely wrong about, but you can't intervene. In the library today, a group of three students at the computer next to mine spent five minutes practically arguing over when Memorial Day was, if Memorial Day was Monday, and even if it was, if there was class Monday. I politely butted in. "Memorial Day is Monday and there is no class since it's a national holiday."

 They said thank you, but proceeded to discuss matters for a project, starting the sentence with "If we don't have class on Monday..." One guy said, "I don't know. Sometimes there still is class on national holidays."

Memorial Day weekend is a big deal at OU. Half the school goes to Hilton Head and the other half goes home. It's known for being our sort of last hurrah before Summer.. because there's no school that Monday.

I was bothered that my butted in words weren't trusted.

So I punched them all and discarded their projects without saving.

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