Wednesday, December 15, 2010

people observation #12: women, please don't be afraid to show your intelligence.

[well, it's only halfway through december.]

While babysitting a few days ago, I was watching a new show on the Disney Channel called Shake it Up. Two best friend girls are the main characters and the way they acted made me sick. One of the main characters is an independent girl with cool style, but pretends that she is stupid to get a boy. She ends up getting the boy. I don't know why Disney would portray a girl in this way, a channel dedicated to helping tweens deal with the anxieties and self consciousness we go through in a "funny" way.

There is nothing funny or attractive about playing dumb.
There is no good in pretending you are not
the brilliant woman that you were made to be.

Intelligence is a beautiful thing. And you may think, "oh I'm not very smart," but we are all intelligent in different ways. I have a friend who has an incredible GIFT in being able to read people. She just knows. Some people have ginormous hearts, and they can love and listen to anyone. Some people kick ass at school, some people kick ass at life.

On the finale of my favorite show Amazing Race last week, my favorite team in the history of the show, Brooke and Claire, got second place. I don't think I could say it better than Claire:

"The ideal of being a strong woman either means
that you're a grumpy boots or that you're
this really masculine, gnarly chick. No!
You can be feminine and still tap into
that femininity while still being a very strong woman."

Amen. You can be a strong woman. You can have beliefs, have a brain, use your brain, hold true to your character, work hard, work very hard, treat people fairly, and still be beautiful. In fact, that is what makes a woman beautiful.

all the women who independent
throw your hands up at me.


  1. Also, why would you be surprised that Disney would promote acting a certain way to get a boy? After all, they completely changed the moral of the Little Mermaid fairy tale from "you can't become something you're not for another person" to "yes, it's good to become something you're not as long as you get the guy". UGH.

  2. Erin this is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. The warning not to hide your true self is something good to be reminded of. :)