Saturday, January 15, 2011

people observation #13: because it makes you feel good. legitimately good.

There is one and only one reason we should be engaging ourselves in a healthy lifestyle. Because it makes us feel good. All the other consequences we usually initially aim for will follow suit.

Experience Life Magazine has started their latest volume with a mantra Being Healthy is A Revolutionary Act. The idea of it is that our society has been obsessed with things that are bad for us far too long, some of us so surrounded by the sickness that they have no resources to even take up a healthylifestyle. And for those of us who have embraced a life of fresh air, eating right, and healthy exercise: it has truely become a revolution.

I have always been a healthy person, but I attribute my consciouseffort to taking care of myself to when I started working at Lifetime Fitness my sophomore year of high school. Here was a community of people, all different ages and sizes, and on all different fitness levels, and I loved it! We can set goals for ourselves, like lose this amount of weight, look that particular way, or don't eat anything unless it's celery, but that will never work! We're human, and if we simply start taking care of ourselves, the other things that we've always wanted will fall into our laps (or in some cases off of our laps).

If you go to, you can read about what other people are up to, and how we can learn to take care of ourselves and our community. Below are a few examples of their 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy.

If you are not typically a person who considers themselves healthy,
I encourage you to take a week to eat right.
Eat three different colors with every meal.
Carry around a water bottle.
Keep your body moving.
Tell me how you feel.
legitimately good