Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homecoming, 2011

My attempt at a picture of the alumni band
I went to the 2011 Homecoming parade today for the first time since being at school. (simply because I haven't been able to wake up in time for it the previous two years.)

{A ten year old fell and seriously squished an ankle in front of us. I felt bad for her, but wondered more why they felt it important to crowd around her in the middle of the street as the parade carried on. Eventually they realized she was in the way and literally dragged her across the bricks. She was crying, but I think more out of embarrassment than real pain.}

We went to the football game today, and although I'm a big Bobcat Football fan, the band, as always, is what had my attention. Marching 110 has such a tradition, which was evident when the alumni band came out and danced. This year has been especially cool for them since their Party Rock Anthem dance on YouTube went viral.